Advisory Services

Quadrant offers advisory services to affluent families and institutions with investable assets in excess of $10 million. Clients will be required to sign an Investment Counsel Agreement and Letters of Authroization to current investment managers to provide detailed statements and information to Quadrant. This Advisory Service acts as an independent resource to “family office” type arrangements or provides services similar to a “family office” addressing the asset management needs of affluent families and institutions. The consolidated reporting service compiles benchmarks and analyzes all aspects of portfolio management, asset management and investment needs to permit more informed decision-making by the family or institution.

Consolidated Reports are prepared quarterly with a comprehensive analysis of underlying managers; monthly asset mix “Snapshots” are prepared to determine if any intermediate action is required. View our Sample Report.

Quadrant continues to compile a database of asset class managers and has developed proprietary risk-adjusted return measures in analyzing portfolios. This allows peer review of investment managers.

Fees for advisory services range from 25 to 50 basis points (bps) with a minimum annual fee of $10,000. Fees for advisory services are only charged on assets not directly managed by Quadrant.

See also our Family Office Services page.