Family Office Services

Through its Advisory Services, Quadrant acts as a resource to single and multi-family offices to assist with the coordination of investments and provide additional support for many other matters including estate planning and corporate finance.


Quadrant offers affluent families and institutions a variety of services to supplement and complement those services provided by in-house personnel (family office). These services include, among others:

  1. Corporate and Investment Governance. This involves developing a disciplined process for decision making regarding investment assets and asset management.

  2. Total or Global Asset Mix. Families or institutions may have many portfolio managers each with a specific mandate but no overriding mandate or no coordination of these mandates. By preparing an Investment Policy Statement together with other supporting documents Quadrant provides a disciplined coordinated approach to portfolio management.

  3. Manager Search and Supervision. Quadrant compiles a database on portfolio managers and utilizes third party database services to continually search for and review the universe of portfolio managers for various asset classes.

  4. Alternative Asset Classes. Quadrant considers non-traditional asset classes where appropriate for clients or assists family offices with the review and assessment of alternative asset classes and managers.

  5. Consolidated Reporting. Quadrant receives duplicate copies of all investment accounts (electronically or manually) and integrates them into a single report and asset mix to determine the actual overall asset mix, asset classes, performance benchmarking, currency exposure and other relevant information to evaluate the overall portfolio and individual portfolio managers. View our Sample Report.

  6. Wealth Planning. Quadrant reviews estate and tax planning, succession, inter-generational transfer of wealth that is part of maintaining and preserving family wealth. This can also involve considering insurance and other strategies.

  7. Charitable or Philanthropic Planning. Gifting strategies which may include private foundations, directed gifts, tax incentives for gifting.