QAM Tracking Pools™

Each QAM Tracking Pool™ was established as a separate open-end unit trust, pursuant to a Master Trust Agreement dated June 30, 2009 and governed by the laws of Manitoba, to hold units of a specific asset class of an underlying investment manager.

The parties responsible for the management, administration and operation of the QAM Tracking Pools™ are:


Portfolio Manager
Quadrant Asset Management


The QAM Tracking Pools™ represent a globally diversified range of pure asset class pools. Each QAM Tracking Pool may invest in institutional funds of other managers (“Underlying Pools”). However, certain asset classes may be held through direct purchase into a client’s custodial account.

The QAM Tracking Pools™ provide an innovative and low cost means to provide access to world class institutional managers otherwise not available to investors. There are currently no costs charged in the QAM Tracking Pools™. There are costs charged in the Underlying Pools.

Quadrant carries out a rigorous review of managers to select best in class institutional managers. Selection criteria include: ownership structure, management style, years in business, assets under management, investment performance and consistency, risk statistics, turnover, active share (or tracking error), fees and other charges and reporting.

Quadrant continually monitors the Underlying Pool managers for appropriateness and acceptability. An underlying pool manager may be replaced if the manager is found to have, among other reasons, changed its investment strategy or if a different investment manager is found to better satisfy the particular mandate.

Current asset class managers or investment products are:

QAM Canadian Fixed Income
QAM Canadian Equity
QAM Small Cap Equity
QAM U.S. Equity
International Equity
Short Term Investment
Enhanced Fixed Income
Real Estate