Portfolio Management

Quadrant 4 services: Understand your goals, Create a plan, Craft your portfolio, and Stay on course.

Quadrant has created a series of pooled trusts that provide access to the investment expertise of institutional managers. These pooled trusts, known as QAM Tracking Pools, allow Quadrant to deliver a cost effective globally balanced portfolio to clients in accordance with their Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

In addition, Quadrant delivers some asset classes directly to a client’s custodial account.

For a list of the QAM Tracking Pools™, other asset classes and the underlying institutional managers of each pooled fund see QAM Tracking Pools™.

In order to determine the composition of a client portfolio, each Quadrant client undergoes a comprehensive review of their financial affairs resulting in a customized IPS. This IPS forms the foundation of all investment management decisions relating to that client. An IPS, reviewed as often as required, instills a disciplined approach to a client’s investment portfolio.

The following illustrates our investment process: