Wealth Planning

As part of the value-added service proposition offered by Quadrant, each client’s financial and business affairs are reviewed to gather information for preparation of a Wealth Plan. The Wealth Plan considers financial independence, estate and tax planning issues.

For institutions, the Wealth Plan will consider corporate governance issues.

See Quadrant Estate and Insurance Services for information on life and disability insurance and insurance planning.

To properly invest a client’s money, Quadrant invests time to get to know all about the client, his or her family and lifestyle needs. This requires a thorough review of all aspects of a client’s financial life including, among other matters: wills, powers of attorney, pre-nuptial, co-habitation and spousal agreements, discretionary and testamentary trusts, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and pension entitlements. It requires a review of current tax returns, residency and citizenship, assets and liabilities.

Quadrant has the in-house expertise to review a client’s affairs and provide a full assessment of risk and opportunities. Quadrant invests the necessary time with each client to get to know their affairs to assist and complement a client’s professional advisors in maintaining a client’s financial well being.

Quadrant works with and does not replace a client’s professional legal and accounting advisors. Quadrant is considered a valuable member of the professional team. Through Quadrant’s mandate to manage a client’s affairs it can coordinate and initiate planning. More specifically, Quadrant provides the following services to clients:

  1. Will Planning. Quadrant compiles a list of all assets (cost and fair market value) and liabilities, and meets with clients to discuss their testamentary intentions. A comprehensive will planning memorandum is prepared and either the client or Quadrant provides a copy to a client’s lawyer to draft a will, powers of attorney and other legal documentation. In preparing the memorandum, Quadrant reviews relevant agreements, such as shareholder agreements, that might dictate how assets are to be dealt with on a client’s death.

  2. Financial Independence Report (FIR). Quadrant creates cash flow planning for clients in order to understand their need for income and their ability to accept market volatility in order to achieve long term investment goals. The FIR provides a roadmap which can be reviewed periodically to help maintain a client on their financial plan.

  3. Risk Management. As part of its mandate, Quadrant considers the various risks to a client and his or her family. This can include premature death, sickness or business risks. Through Quadrant Estate and Insurance Services, appropriate life and disability insurance planning and strategies can be implemented.

  4. Tax Planning and Solutions. Quadrant can identify and help resolve tax issues such as residency, winding up of trusts, ownership of real estate outside of Canada, and many other issues. Quadrant can also assist in estate freezes, estate planning, corporate reorganizations, stop-loss rules, tax loss selling, professional incorporation, separation and divorce and winding up a business or practice. Quadrant has been involved in numerous complex estate matters assisting families in the ultimate administration and management of estate assets.

  5. Philanthropic Planning. Quadrant can develop strategies for effective charitable giving including establishment of charitable trusts within a will, creation of a Private Foundation, negotiating donor advised gifting and planned giving strategies.

In some cases, Quadrant may provide the following services, subject to additional fees where appropriate:

  1. Sale or Refinancing of a Business. Quadrant can work with other professional advisors or accept a corporate finance engagement for the sale or refinancing of a business.

  2. Asset Protection. Quadrant can assist in developing and implementing strategies to preserve and protect family wealth.

  3. Business Succession Planning. Quadrant can meet with families to develop a proper business succession plan, assist in financing of such a plan and provide ongoing support through the transition. In many cases, significant wealth of the founder is tied up in the business and the founder requires certainty that his or her lifestyle during retirement will not be jeopardized by a loss of the business.

  4. Inter-generational Transfer of Assets. While Quadrant provides advice on inter-generational transfer of assets to all clients, there are certain mandates that go beyond a normal engagement as investment advisor. For example, substantial real estate holdings.

  5. Insurance Strategies. Quadrant may identify insurance strategies that complement a client’s wealth planning objectives. Implementation and follow up of insurance strategies are dealt with through Quadrant Estate and Insurance Services either directly or in conjunction with existing insurance advisors.