Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Quadrant registered with the provincial securities commission?

A: Quadrant Asset Management is registered with the BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario Securities Commissions as a Portfolio Manager. Quadrant is also registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Additionally, Quadrant is registered as an Investment Fund Manager with the Manitoba and Ontario Securities Commissions.

Q: Are client assets held with a third-party custodian?

A: Yes. Quadrant does not hold any client assets. All client assets are held with independent third party custodians such as Fidelity Clearing Canada, RBC Dexia, TD Waterhouse, and National Bank Financial.

Q: How long has Quadrant been in business?

A: Quadrant has been in business since 2005. Prior to 2005, the Managing Directors of Quadrant were principals of an established Canadian investment management firm with their experience in the industry dating back to 1990.

Q: How does Quadrant define its style?

A: Quadrant believes in a multi asset class portfolio for most clients. In terms of investment styles we are style agnostic.

Q: Will Quadrant develop a personalized Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”)?

A: Yes. Quadrant requires that all clients have an investment policy statement that reflects their particular circumstances and objectives. The IPS is revised over time to reflect any changes in personal circumstances or the results of any financial planning. It is possible for a client to have more than one IPS; for example an IPS for spouses and a separate IPS for the grandchildren’s trust.

Q: How often are Quadrant advisors available to meet?

A: Quadrant recommends that clients meet regularly. The meeting frequency is dependant on a client's circumstances. Typically meetings occur more often for those who are new clients or those where we are working through items such as a wealth plan, estate review, insurance requirement, an update to their investment policy statement or material change in their personal circumstances.

Q: How are investment management fees calculated and how frequently are they charged?

A: The Quadrant fee schedule is outlined in the Doing Business with Quadrant section of this website. In addition, we provide each client with an engagement letter outlining the details of the services they will receive and a detailed explanation of the fees the will be charged. Fees are calculated on the market value of assets at the end of the calendar year quarter (ie. at ¼ the annual rate) and are payable and deducted from your account following the end of the quarter, along with GST or HST where applicable. For example, fees for the period from January to March are paid in early April. Investment management fees payable on non-registered assets are tax deductible.

Q: Will Quadrant provide me with client references?

A: We are extremely sensitive to maintaining client confidentiality however after it has been mutually determined that we can proceed with a relationship we can provide you with client references. We understand the need for potential clients to perform their own due diligence on our firm and client references are a part of that process. Please note that some clients, for their personal reasons, have indicated that they do not wish to be involved in the referral process.

Q: If need be, can Quadrant deal with my insurance needs?

A: Insurance business is handled by Quadrant Estate and Insurance Services (“QEIS”). Insurance needs are typically identified after a client has had a financial independence review completed. It is only at that point that any requirements for insurance are identified. It is quite possible that a financial independence review could result in a recommended reduction in current insurance coverage. Insurance includes: life insurance (term, whole life, universal life), disability insurance, critical illness, annuities and more complex strategies.

Q: Does Quadrant have a code of conduct policy?

A: Yes. Quadrant has its own internal code of conduct policy. In addition, Quadrant staff are members of numerous professional associations, and are required to abide by the associated codes of conduct and/or standards of practice.

Q: What types of investment accounts do you manage?

A: Quadrant manages RRSPs, RRIFs, LIRAs, LRIFs, TFSAs, RESPs, Individual Cash accounts, Trust and Corporate accounts. Quadrant also provides investment management and Advisory Services to foundations and pension plans.

Q: How does Quadrant provide reporting to clients?

A: Clients receive regular reports (monthly if there is activity) from the independent custodian (eg. Fidelity, RBC Dexia) and quarterly from Quadrant. More frequent Quadrant reporting is available upon request.